Singer Tradition 2250 + Overlock foot

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Macchina per cucire meccanica. Selezione dei punti più utili per la realizzazione di ogni tuo lavoro, biancheria, moda, casa. 10 punti distribuiti in 6 punti utili e 3 punti decorativi. Asola realizzabile in 4 step, perfetta e funzionale. Grazie al piedino attacca bottoni in dotazione con la macchina hai anche la possibilità di ultimare l tuo lavoro in maniera efficiente e professionale. La lunghezza del punto può essere regolata sempre mediante una manopola, per renderla adatto ad ogni tipo di tessuto

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Mechanical sewing machine. Selection of the most useful points for the realization of all your work, linen, fashion, home. 10 stitches distributed in 6 utility stitches and 3 decorative stitches. Buttonhole achievable in 4 steps, perfect and functional. Thanks to the button-attaching foot supplied with the machine, you also have the possibility to complete your work efficiently and professionally. The length of the stitch can always be adjusted by means of a knob, to make it suitable for any type of fabric, by decreasing the length, for example, you will be able to obtain more resistant seams, by stretching it you will instead obtain beautiful and resistant stitching for jeans. The foot can also be adjusted and allows you to have a more pronounced pressure when sewing on multiple layers of fabric or to have a lighter and more delicate pressure for seams made on light fabrics. It can also be easily replaced even without the use of a screwdriver, thanks to the snap mechanism. Equipped with manual thread cutter and adjustable tension, the Tradition also has the practical free arm that allows quick access to cuffs, collars and trouser hems. The machine also works with the twin needle to create beautiful double stitching, decorative and elastic, perfect for finishing even the jersey. Various accessories are available and a practical carrying handle.


– 6 Useful points

– 3 decorative stitches

– 4-step automatic buttonholes

– Quick release feet

– Stitch length adjustment

– Easy stitch selection

– Free arm

– Reverse lever

– Built-in handle

– Light

Supplied accessories:

– Standard foot – Zipper foot – Button attachment foot – Buttonhole foot – Darning plate / button attachment – Guide – Bobbins – Needles – L-screwdriver – Seam ripper / brush – Reel holder – Soft dust cover