Prices in vision

The selling prices must be considered onlythose junior clerks on own www.cuciroma.comsite from the company Maco di Grassitelli Fabrizio and are comprehensive of VATaccording to the enforced share at the momentof the purchase, the exposed prices areexclusively in €uro.
The customer is held to control the pricesbefore the purchase, the eventual changes ofpresent prices in the site cannot at the marketattributed to our company but.

Availability of Prodotti

The company Maco di Grassitelli Fabrizio is engaged to honor the orders sent from theCustomer for the present amount of goods inown warehouse, the acceptance of the demandfor purchase is conditioned to the availability ofthe goods present in own warehouse of Ditta Maco di Grassitelli Fabrizio, is ours hurries to timely inform the customer if of suddendeficiencies of warehouse due to the excessivequestion.

Promotional offers/Codes Reduction in price(Coupon)

The Codes reduction in price/Coupon orPromotional offers are emitted from the vendorand the outcome of the promotions remainsalways bound to the approval of the vendor, thecodes reduction in price/promotional offerscannot be cumulabili and retroactive.

Obligation of the customer

The customer engages himself to guarantee ofbeing a consumer as expected from art the 3 ofthe Code of the Consumption, than its datathey are correct and truthful, and that she confirms its greater age.

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